Old Issues

The following is a list of the main articles published by The Oromo Commentary between the years 1991 – 1999.  Some of these articles can be downloaded free of charge while others are for purches only.

Volume I (1), 1991

1. Problems of Democratic Transition in Post Dergue Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. Glasnost for the Horn Too

by Hamdesa Tuso

3. Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution Among the Oromo

by Mohammed Hassen

4. “Invasion” or “Liberation”? Conflicting Views on the TPLF/EPRDF March into Oromoland.

by Mekuria Bulcha

5. The Challenge Continues

by Mohamed Farah

Volume I (2), 1991

1. The Transitional Charter of Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. Women’s Right and the Conference on Transitional Programme in Ethiopia

by Arfaase Gamada

3. The Militarizasion of the Ethiopian State

by Mohammed Hassen

4. The Demise of Mythical Ethiopia

by Hamdesa Tuso

5. Oromo: The Ethiopian Dilemma

by Teferi Fufa

6. Somalia in Confusion

by Maria Bongartz

7. The External Relations of National Islamic Front of the Sudan

by I. S. El Hassan

Volume II (1), 1992

1. History and Political Culture vs. Ethiopia Territoral Integrity

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. Two Freedom Movements Compared: The Case of Oromo and African Americans

by Asafa Jalata

3. Rent Seeking Behavious of the Ethiopian Rulers as a Constraint to the Economic Development of the Oromo People

by Bichaka Fayissa

4. The Ethnic Factor in the national Politics of Djibouti

by Abdallah Adou

5. Sport in the Oromo Society

by Jimma Tufa

Volume II (2), 1992

1. Sailing against the Winds of Change: EPRDF Politics

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. The Road to Bilisummaa and Socio-Economic Development: Prospect and Challenges of Orimo Self Determination

by Mekuria Bulcha

3. Liberation: Transition of the Rule of Law

by Sisai Ibssa

4. Attack on the Scholarship on the Oromo

by Mohammed Hassen

5. Ethiopia’s History and Political Experience: Let the People Speak for Themselves

by Admasu Shunkuri

6. Ethiopia 1992: Human Rights Records

by Mekuria Bulcha

Volume III (1), 1993

1. Ethiopia: Atempts to Democracy Aborted: An OC interview with Galasa Dilbo

2. Language, Ethnic Identity and Nationalism in Ethiopia: Part One

by Mekuria Bulcha

3. Reasons for Choosing the Latin Script for Developing an Oromo Alphabet

by Tilahun Gamta

4. The Last Ethiopianist Against the Emerging Oromo Reality: A Response to Harold Marcus

by Sisai Ibssa

5. The Bankruptcy of Donald Levine’s Greater Ethiopian Thesis

by Alemayehu Birru

Volume III (2), 1993

1. Language, Ethnic Identity and Nationalism in Ethiopia: Part Two

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. A Glance at Oromo Arts and Literature

by Kifle Djote

3. Some Aspects of Oromo History that has been Misunderstood

by Mohammed Hassen

Volume IV (1), 1994

1. Shiek Hussein Suura and the Oromo Struggle

by Asafa Jalata

2. Priest, Religion and Language in Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

3. Ecological Degradation In Ethiopia

by Sutuma Waaqo

4. Some Notes on Effects of Government Policies on Plant and Animal Resources of Oromia

by Taddese Ebba

5. Calling for a “Green” Concern in Ethiopia

by Dabala Olana

6. The State of Human Rights in Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

7. Current Feature and Future Prospects of Diary and Beef Production in Ethiopia

by Kano Banja

Volume IV (2), 1994

1. The Current Situation in Ethiopia: A Political Commentary

by Ibsaa Gutamaa

2. The TPLF Regime: Weekest Link in Abyssinian Rule in Oromia?

by Motummaa Debisaa

3. The Demographic Nightmare of Past and Present Rulers of Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

4. Patriotic Culture and Warfare Tradition

by Asfaw Beyene

5. Menelik’s Conquest as the Genesis of the Ethiopian Crises

by Abbas Haji

6. The Return of The Devil’s Tounge: Polemics about the Choice of the Roman Alphabet for the Oromo Language

by Thomas Zitelmann

7. In Search of a Kidnapped Mother: A Short Story

by Dhaaba Wayyeessaa

8. Machbuba: an Oromo Slave-Girl Who Won the Heart of A German Prince

by Cathrin Schmitt

Volume V (1), 1995

1. Another Round of Dictatorial Rule in Ethiopia: US role in Development of Opressive Regimes in the Horn of Africa

by L. Boonsa

2. Ethiopia: Revelations of the Imperial Ghost

by Tesfaye Alemu

3. Oromia: Building Blocks of Change

by O. Abboomaa

4. The Foundations and Development of Opressive Regimes in the Horn of Africa

by L. Boonsa

5. Expanding the Concept of Oromia: The Waso Borona Case

by Mario I. Aguilar

6. The Calamity of Recurrent Famine in Ethiopia

by Deressa Kitte

Volume VI (1), 1996

1. A Note on the New Reign of Terror in Ethiopia

by Mekuria Bulcha

2.  Ethiopia: Human Tragedy in the Making

by Sue Pollock

3.  Ethiopia and the Imperial Ghost

by Seyoum Y. Hameso

4. The Logic of Ethiopian Unity

by Asfaw Beyene

5. The Oromo Population and the Politics of Numbers in Ethiopia

by Feyisa Demie

6. Peace and Consensus in the Midst of War: Conflict Resolution in Boorana

by Mario I. Aguilar

7. Book Review

A River of Blessings: Essays in Honor of Paul Baxter

Edited by Davis Brokensha

by Abbas Haji

8. Some recent Publications on Oromo Culture and History

by Paul Baxter

Volume VII (1), 1997

1. U.S. State Department Report: Another Whitewash

by Sagalee Haaraa

2. How much a Mule Cracked the Ozone, and Other African Folk-Tales

by Zelealem Aberra

3.  Reinventing Gada Generational Knowledge in Boorana

by Mario I. Aguilar

4. The Predicaments of Forced Migration: An Assessment of the Oromo Experience

by Mekuria Bulcha

5. The Puzzling Misconduct of the Tigrean Regime in Oromia: Do they know no shame?

by Sagalee Bosonaa

6. Resource Liberation for the Development of Oromia

by Boru I. Gammada

Volume VII (2), 1997

1.  In Memory of Rev. Dr. Gunnar Hasselblatt

by Taye Teferra

2.  Political Instability in the Borena Zone of Oromia: The Role of the Local Administration

By A.R. Alemayehu

3. Cross-Border Terror Between Ethiopia and Kenya

By Dido G. Kotile

4. Odaa Nabee In Oromo Oral Tradition

by I. Guutamaa

5. The Furra Legend in Sidama Traditions

by Seyoum Hameso

6. Religion, the Slave Trade and the Creation of the Ethiopian Empire

by Mekuria Bulcha

Volume VIII (1), 1999

1. The Ethio-Eritrean War: Tragedies, Benefits and Dreams

by Mekuria Bulcha

2. The Sidama Perspective on the Coalition of Colonised Nations

by Seyoum Hameso

3. The Oromo Perspective on the Coalition of Colonised Nations

by Seyoum Hameso

4. Federalism: The Nigerian Experience

by Alemayehu Kumsa

5. Politics, Profits and Human Rights

by Trevor Trueman

6. If Walls Were To Talk

by Rundaassa Eshete Hunde

7. Personal Experience in an Oromo Community in the Diaspora

by Jenet H. Adem

8. Remembering a Teacher

by Teferi Fufa

9. Book Review

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